Soft, colorful baby blankets for cute, cuddly babies are available at Thrifty White Health Essentials. These baby blankets make for perfect gifts, and babies will love the feel of the luxurious fabric. We have fleece blankets, blankets printed with satin trim and thermal receiving blankets for babies who need a bit extra to stay warm. Blankets are a must-have for babies as they can get cold very easily. Choose several blankets to keep one at home in their crib and have one available for the stroller and the car seat. Remember that you should not cover the baby with a blanket and that when the baby gets warm, she will instinctively kick off the blanket. In these cases, placing the blanket next to the baby should be considered, rather than repeatedly putting the blanket back on the child. Buy blankets online for new parents-to-be as a thoughtful and practical gift.