Blood Pressure


>For those who suffer from high blood pressure, home blood pressure machines and monitors offer a convenient and reliable way to keep track of this difficult and often serious condition. Thrifty White Health Essentials offers a large selection of BP meters to choose from with easy to use features like digital screens and built-in software that calculates daily averages and keeps track of past readings.

Digital home blood pressure monitors are the most convenient way to monitor your blood pressure at home. They consist of a small electronic device attached to a wrist or arm cuff. The cuff expands and deflates automatically while the machine measures your blood pressure. The results appear on the screen for you to write down, or some models are able to store the information internally for later use. Advanced models can even convert your data into a clear graphical picture that you can use to interpret your results over time or take with you to the doctor.

We carry a large selection of home blood pressure monitors to suit your needs and your budget. Our name brand monitors are made by well-known manufacturers including Omron, Sunmark, MicroLife, and more. We carry both arm and wrist monitor instruments, so you can take your blood pressure where it's convenient and comfortable for you. Shop our selection of home blood pressure kits which includes large cuffed monitors, and see how easy it is to keep your health under control. Buy blood pressure monitors for affordable prices at Thrifty White Health Esstentials. Spend $49 across the whole store for free shipping!