Digestive Aids


Occasionally babies, like adults, become constipated. Causes include insufficient fluid consumption, the introduction of new foods to the diet, the incorrect preparation of formula or changing formula and medications. New parents may become concerned when the see their infant straining while attempting a bowl movement or if the frequency of bowel movements decreases. These are not necessarily signs of constipation. However, if baby does not have a bowel movement for several days, or if the stools are firm and dry, constipation may be the diagnosis. Digestive medicines are available to alleviate constipation in babies and these medicines can be purchased at Thrifty White Health Essentials.

These medicines come in chewable tablets as well as in liquid form, including gas relief drops, for babies. Pediatricians generally consider the medications a last resort, only to be given after “natural” remedies including increasing the amount of water given to your baby, the addition of sugar to the diet or drinking fruit juice and other probiotics products. Medicines should be given in small amounts and they usually resolve the problem fairly quickly. The same philosophy is true for comforting a gassy baby. Babies with gas usually feel discomfort but medicines are available to soothe their tummies, which will lead to a reduction in bloating and spit-ups. Shop now!