Eye Glasses Care


Eye glasses care is a simple way to improve your sight. Keep your glasses crystal clear for better vision, especially when driving, reading, and working. Wipe '€N Clear offers advanced cleansing solutions and wipes to thoroughly clean your glasses without the risk of scratching their lenses. Visit Thrifty White Health Essentials for a complete selection of Wipe '€N Clear eyeglass cleansers. Our eyeglass cleaning spray is available in convenient 8-bottle packs. Choose from individual sprays or spray and wipe combos to maintain sparkling lenses. Our pre-moistened tissues are designed for convenient on-the-go use. Store a few of these individually-wrapped tissues in your car, purse and office desk to remove any specks, anytime.

In addition to using the right glasses care products, every eyeglass owner needs a repair kit. Whether your glasses are bent, have loose screws or need a simple adjustment, use the proper tools to keep you comfortable. Our Flents repair kits come with a screwdriver, assorted hinge screws, a magnifier and a carrying case. Purchase these high quality lens cleaners and eyeglass repair kits for total maintenance.