Eye Wash


The reasons to use an eye wash solution range from the mild to the serious. Whether it’s just a particle of dirt or a dangerous chemical splash, you want fast, effective relief - sometimes you need emergency eye wash. That’s where these eye wash solutions from Thrifty White Health Essentials come in. Each one offers a quick, thorough rinse that removes dangerous substances from the eye. They are great to keep on hand in laboratories, classrooms and any home with small children. We carry eye cleanser products and saline solutions from trusted name brands like Bausch + Lomb and Ocusoft to ensure that you get high-quality, reliable products every time you place an order.


By shopping at Thrifty White Health Essentials, you’ll get the best selection of these items, many of which are rarely found in local stores. In addition to traditional eye wash solutions, we also carry pre-moistened pads, eyelid wipes, foaming cleansers and more. This gives you more options for protecting your eyes and your vision in a pinch. Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of our discount prices and convenient, fast shipping.