Prick a finger and draw blood quickly with minimal discomfort with these fast acting lancing device kits that make blood glucose testing easier. Some lancets that are available for purchase from Thrifty White Health Essentials feature drums that carry multiple preloaded lancets which make it easy to advance to the next one for future use. Purchase boxes of multiple lancets online and reload the devices as needed.

A specialized nano blood glucose diabetes test meter is available that features everything needed to complete a test, including a lancing device, lancets and a bright, backlit display for reading test results. The lancing device can prick fingers at different depths to fit everyone’s individual needs.

Special safety lancets are designed for single use, can be disposed of automatically, and don’t require a lancing device. Ultra-fine gauge lancets are designed for greater comfort. Brand names in this collection include Accu-Check, SoftTouch, Safe-T-Pro, Microlet, FreeStyle, OneTouch and more.