Pain Relievers


It is a sad but true reality that young children get hurt on occasion. Parents should have the necessary pain relievers for kids in their medicine cabinet before a child is sick or injured. These products would include cold and fever reducers, aspirin and pain relievers such as Ibuprofen. Thrifty White Health Essentials has a large selection of these baby care products at low prices. Parents should not give their children adult medicines, even if they attempt to break a pain reliever pill in half for their children. If the child has an injury such as a sprain or broken bones, the pediatrician or doctor on duty will provide direction as to the best pain relievers for kids to take, but if your child is sick or has a malady that does not require a doctor’s visit, having the appropriate medicines in the home is your best course of action. Remember to follow dosage information on the packaging and never exceed the recommended daily doses. If the child’s symptoms are not reduced after taking the medication, or if his condition does not change, take him to the doctor immediately.