For every woman, your time of the month is usually uncomfortable and inconvenient. Thrifty White Health Essentials carries a large assortment of brand-name tampons to make your period a bit more manageable, and at affordable low prices to make your budget a bit more manageable as well. With the combination of money-saving prices and the convenience of tampons, Thrifty White Health Essentials will become your one-stop shop for all of your menstrual supply needs.  

Playtex is one of the most popular, recognizable tampon brands, and Thrifty White Health Essentials carries a wide variety of their classic tampon designs as well as sophisticated new tampon technologies to make your period painless and carefree. The best-selling Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons feature a rounded tip plastic applicator for gentle insertion, and an exclusive cross-pad design expands to custom fit your unique body shape. With a fresh-smelling deodorant to eliminate odor and keep you feeling confident, these easy-to-use Playtex tampons will make you forget that you're even having your period. For active lifestyles, Playtex Sport Tampons move with your body to keep up with all of your athletic activities even while on your period. Seventh Generation is making a big stand by putting a 100% organic choice on the market. Thrifty White Health Essentials also carries favorites such as O.B. Pro Comfort that require no applicator for easy insertion, the innovative U by Kotex line including U by Kotex Click Tampons, and fun Tampax Radiant Tampons with artfully designed packaging and a re-sealable wrapper for easy disposal. 

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