As babies grow and develop, their diets change from breast milk or formula to solid foods. As a result of this natural change in diet, infants may need to add vitamins to their diets in order to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D, iron and omega-3 DHA supplements. Vitamins for kids are available in many varieties, from chewable tablets to gummies, and when you purchase these vitamins from Thrifty White Health Essentials, you will receive quality, brand-name products at reduced costs. The selection of vitamins includes Nature Made kids first, Zarbee's Baby Vitamin D, Flintstones brand chewables and tablets and Enfamil drops. The Enfamil drops are perfect for infants and toddlers who need to maintain their required iron levels. Iron requirements increase from about 0.27 mg daily through six months of age to 11 mg daily from seven months old to one year old. We also have Hyland's natural baby supplements. The chewables and tablets are geared for toddlers ages two and up. These multivitamins are yummy-tasting for children and they may consider them to be treats rather than a health-related product, so administering these vitamins should not be a chore.