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Ruffin It | V048156 Dog Ham Bone - 1 ct

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Dogs are man’s best friend. Even to a person who has great friends and a loving family, the dog always holds a special place in the heart. For a member of the family who can’t speak for himself, it’s up to his loyal owner to make sure he is taken care of. Luckily, it’s easy and affordable to find the dog supplies you need. Thrifty White Health Essentials can be your go-to dog supply store for affordable prices and a great collection of care items, toys, and treats.

This collection holds our miscellaneous dog supplies, such as a pet food container and nail clippers. We have other product collections where you can find leashes and collars, treats, toys, and care items.

You’ll want to take care of your dog’s nails. A regular walk on the pavement acts as a good filing, but it’s important to still regularly clip your pup’s nails. Nails that get too long can split and cut their paw. Plus, if you like to play with your dog and maybe have a wrestling match or two, you will appreciate trimmed claws coming at you for the take down.

Thrifty White Health Essentials strives to have anything you may need to take care of your pet. And we have it for an affordable price. Shoppers who spend $49 or more throughout the entire store will qualify for free shipping on their entire order. We ship things quickly, so you won’t have to go too long without your favorite dog supplies. Shop with us today.