Tie outs Collars & Leashes



Dog collars, harnesses, and leashes are three things that make it easy for Fido’s owners to take him on a walk. These pet supplies are durable. And at the Top Rated National® Drugstore, Thrifty White Health Essentials, they are affordable too.

Pet owners often view their dogs as a member of the family. But since a dog can’t speak English, it’s necessary for your pup to wear a collar with a name tag so other humans can return him home if he gets lost. Collars are an easy way for your pup to sport his name tag and your contact information. Collars also serve other purposes than to just hold a name tag. Collars can be fashionable and effective. Many are made from durable materials that can withstand tough play or pull on the leash. We only sell cloth and nylon collars because they are the most comfortable for our furry friends.

Our dog supply collection also includes harnesses. We have harnesses in a variety of sizes to help make it easier for owners to walk dogs of any breed and size. Some pups will chew off a regular collar but may have a harder time chewing through a full body harness. Harnesses are also great for dogs who tend to pull during a walk. The harness, when hooked to the leash in the front of the dog, prevents pulling because it turns the dog backwards when he starts to pull. That makes it hard to walk!

Speaking of walks, dogs would be all over the place without a reliable leash. We have retractable dog leashes and traditional cloth leashes too. Easily attach a Pet Waste Bag Dispenser and you are ready to go. We even have tie-out ropes and chains so you can leave your pup outside without worrying if he’ll wander off too far.

Shop at Thrifty White Health Essentials for all of the pet supplies to make sure your dog has all of the things he needs. Our policy includes fast shipping, no matter what, and free shipping when you order at least $49 worth of goods throughout the entire store. Shop now!