Use contraceptive gels in conjunction with or in place of contraceptive devices and prescription medications. These gels, also known as spermicides, are designed to kill sperm on contact while creating a natural cervix barrier. Women, if you want guaranteed results without inserting a diaphragm, try any of our vaginal barrier contraceptives. Vaginal Contraceptive Foam, or VCF, is effective immediately upon application. VCF is hormone-free and lightly scented.

Encare oval contraceptive inserts are a great option for fast application. These pre-packaged doses include nonoxynol-9 which is the number one doctor-recommended spermicide. Encare boasts the same effective rate as contraceptive foams but with easy-dose packaging that every couple will love. Options Gynol II jelly is most effective when used with condoms or diaphragms. Provide extra protection against unplanned pregnancy by applying our unscented water-soluble spermicide. Purchase any of our grease-less and stain-free products before your next sexual experience. Remember, contraceptive gel and foam does not protect against HIV or sexually transmitted infections.