Men's Fragrances


Want to smell wonderful without paying hundreds of dollars for perfume and cologne from the department store? These affordable men’s fragrances provide all the scent without the added cents. Unlike traditional drugstore cologne, these brands offer subtle yet personalized aromas to help you smell fresh without feeling oversaturated. Men’s perfume brands at The Online Drugstore include all-time favorites like Old Spice Classic Cologne and Stetson Cologne Spray, plus new scents like Adidas For Him and Bod Men’s Cologne to help you find the right scent for your unique personality and style. For a youthful scent that feels lightweight, try Adidas For Him Deep Energy, Dynamic Pulse or Team Force colognes. With vibrant, athletic-inspired additives and hints of musk, this affordable masculine fragrance is great for those with a sporty spirit. Adidas Moves Toilette Spray is a long-lasting, fresh-smelling men’s fragrance that’s great for any occasion. The Bod Man Trio Perfume Set is a perfect men’s fragrance set for the stylish guy who loves to change things up from day to day. Each package comes with three 1.8-ounce body sprays in Black, Really Ripped Abs and Rock Silver. For a more stately cologne for men, explore our selection of all-time favorites like Jovan Musk and McGraw cologne. Jovan Musk Aftershave and Jovan Musk Men's Cologne Spray make a great gift pairing for the manly man, with an aroma of spices, lavender and citrus for a deep yet lightweight overall scent. McGraw EDT Spray is another classic scent that offers a woody, spicy fragrance made with hints of bergamot and nutmeg. This rich yet crisp fragrance is finished with notes of amber, patchouli, sandalwood and aged whisky for an earthy yet masculine aroma.