Nail Polish


All good makeup kits must contain more than one shade of fingernail polish. Of course, this is not the law of the land, but this makes practical sense as your nail color should complement your wardrobe. Adding nail polish supplies to your collection of makeup is an affordable task when you buy nail polish at Thrifty White Health Essentials.

Nail polish in a variety of colors from CoverGirl, Sally Hansen Salon and Wet N Wild are among the many polishes available. Many of today’s nail polishes include a base coat, allowing you to forego one step in the nail polish application process. The base coat makes it easier for the color to glide onto your nails and the base coat helps your nail polish to stay on longer. Many nail polishes are also listed as being no chip, allowing for longer lasting nail colors without the need for touch ups. These nail care products are affordable and of good quality. Shop now!