Tools & Cases


Get Organized and streamline your beauty routine with these handy makeup applicators and beauty Cases. Get precisely plucked eyebrows, straight-across snips and extended eyelashes with our vast assortment of easy-to-use tweezers, barber shears and eyelash curlers, and ensure that every line is perfectly placed with our makeup mirrors and convenient compacts. The best part about shopping at The Online Drugstore for your beauty essentials is that you can stock up on these exterior essentials without breaking your beauty bank.

These styling tools are for those of us who don’t like a single hair out of place; our Premier Value Tweezers provide an easy grip handle so you can target stubborn, out-of-place hairs all over your body. Comfortable, contoured grips on our slant tip tweezers are great for shaping your eyebrows, while professional-grade square tip tweezers are a must-have for extracting splinters and foreign particles in the skin. Tweezers by Sunmark provide added value on vanity staples. We also carry a huge variety of barber scissors and shears, including specialized texturing scissors and beard scissors with cushioned handles, to allow you to trim your own hair from home safely and affordably.