Food and Formula


There are many choices when it comes to baby formulas, and the large selection can be daunting for new parents. Fortunately, there are simple rules to follow that can make purchasing baby formula easier. Parents should consult with their pediatrician to determine the best infant formula brand for their baby, specifically the ingredients in the formula. Some formulas tout the iron present in the formula while others may be made with a hypoallergenic formula while others still are a medical formula. Powdered formulas are the most affordable type to purchase and they are very easy to use. In addition to affordability, they are the easiest to pack and transport when traveling. When the baby is ready for a bottle, the parent simply needs to add a scoop of powdered mix into the bottle, add water and shake. The formulas available at Thrifty White Health Essentials include popular brands including Enfamil, Similac, and PediaSure for Kids. Powdered formulas have a shelf life of approximately one month after opening the canister and powdered formulas can be used in conjunction with breast feeding.