Stop Smoking


quit-smoking-blog.jpgWhen you are ready to stop smoking, choose the best stop smoking products on the market to help you quit. Choose from the most popular stop smoking gum, lozenges, and patches to replace cigarettes and reduce cravings. These products work most effectively when used in conjunction with a support program. Trust Nicorette, NicoDerm and Commit to augment your efforts to quit smoking.

Nicotine gum is the original choice to help you stop smoking. Nicorette gum is customer-approved for its great taste and superior craving reduction. Choose from 2- and 4-milligram pieces of brand name and Sunmark generic gum for each step in your quitting process. We offer gum to help you stop smoking in every flavor to suit your taste. Try cinnamon, white ice mint, original flavor, fruit chill, and fresh mint. Purchase small and bulk packaging to satisfy every cigarette craving. Follow the recommended dosage for maximum results.

Lozenges and patches offer a great alternative to chewable nicotine. Our patches are designed for discreet use while you try to quit. Our lozenges are available in the same 2- and 4-milligram doses. We offer mini lozenges for on-the-go craving reduction and throat soothing. Spend $49 anywhere in our drugstore online for free shipping, and kick that habit today!