Nicotine Patches


habitrol.jpgGiving up smoking is easy with a nicotine patch system from Our brand name nicotine patches and gums help fight cravings during the quitting process while cutting down on withdrawal symptoms, which leads to a higher success rate.

Nicotine patches like Nicoderm CQ are transdermal nicotine delivery systems - some of the most inconspicuous of our stop smoking products. They consist of a small patch that is applied to an inconspicuous part of the body like the upper arm. Nicotine patches deliver a continuous supply of nicotine through the skin, which cuts back on cravings and can lessen unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal such as mood swings and nausea. Transdermal nicotine systems are applied daily and deliver 24-hours of support.

Another popular quit smoking aid is nicotine gum. A popular brand is Nicorette, which has the texture and flavor of regular chewing gum, but is laced with nicotine. The function of the gum, like other stop smoking aids, is to eliminate a craving that could cause the user to start smoking again by delivering a small amount of nicotine. The gum may be chewed whenever a craving strikes and it's safe to chew several pieces each day.

Whichever method you prefer, Thrifty White Health Essentials is here to offer you a selection of high-quality smoking cessation aids at affordable prices. Get the tools you need to finally stop smoking and live a healthier life by ordering now.