Humidifier & Vaporizer


Babies and small children are prone to catch colds as their developing immune systems may not be able to fight off infection. If you have an infant in the home, you should also have a humidifier or a kids vaporizer. If you do not own one of these items, Thrifty White Health Essentials is a great site to purchase these products at low prices. Humidifiers and vaporizers represent an easy way to fight a child’s cold. Both humidifiers and vaporizers produce moist air that can loosen congestion and make sore throats feel better. In many cases, a humidifier can be used for babies in lieu of giving them medicine. Parents will be able to see and hear the results of humidifier use almost immediately, and babies or infants with cold and chest congestion will sleep more comfortably with the humidifier in the room than without.

The basic differences between home humidifiers and vaporizers is that humidifiers create a cool mist while vaporizers heat water until hot steam is formed. The choice of which device to use is a matter of personal preference but parents should know that regardless of the device being used, they need to keep them very clean. Germs love water and if these machines are not clean, bacteria will form and you will inadvertently send these germs out in mist form which could cause your child to get another infection.