Gas Relief


beano.jpgGas build-up can be more than embarrassing. Gas can lead to sharp stomach pains and digestive irregularity. Choose from the latest and most-effective gas relievers and digestive health medicines at Thrifty White Health Essentials. Keep the best gas eliminators available for your pharmacy customers. Popular brands include Beano, Gas-X and Lactaid. Gas-X offers a huge line of gas relief medicine in over-the-counter form.

If you prefer traditional caplets, try our chewable and non-chewable options. Our softgels are designed to pack incredible gas relief into a convenient quick dose. Beano'€™s food enzyme supplement breaks down the complex sugars in your food to encourage gas-free digestion. Sunmark'€™s affordable products are on sale for less at Thrifty White Health Essentials. Our generic products challenge the top brands performance at incredibly low prices. Try 10-tablet packs or purchase in bulk to relieve occasional and persistent gas discomfort.