Ear Care


After a swim or shower, keep your ears free from water with swimmer's eardrops and other ear-drying aids from Thrifty White Health Essentials. This selection of swimmer's ear products clears the water trapped inside the ear canal, preventing against painful swimmer'€s ear. While Classic eardrops are used to prevent against swimmer's ear - a tried-and-true method for clearing water from the inner ear. The Auro-Dri Ear Drying Aid drops help relieve clogged ear discomfort from swimming, showering or bathing, using isopropyl alcohol that is safe and gentle on the ear canal. Simply affix the applicator cap to the bottle and apply four to five drops to each ear and watch as the reliable formula works to absorb the water that has settled in your ear.

Thrifty White Health Essentials also carries the classic Swim-Ear swimmer's eardrops, the original eardrops created to relieve water clogged ears. When you administer a few drops into the ear canal, these swimmer's eardrops relieve the discomfort, sensation of fullness and temporary hearing impairment that are a result of water in the ear. Swim teams and competitive swimmers have relied on this popular swimmer's eardrop brand for many years, and now you can have the same fast-acting relief. All-natural sweet oil also works to relieve the pressure of water-clogged ears in one easy step, without any harsh additives or chemicals. For an easy-to-use alternative to eardrops for the treatment of swimmer's ear, Acu-Life'€™s AfterSwim has a tapered tip that is inserted slightly into the ear canal and absorbs up to five times the amount of liquid that the ear canal can hold in only 10 seconds.

Swimmer'€s ear is a painful, potentially harmful infection of the inner ear canal, and it is very common both among those who frequently swim and even after a daily shower. Technology to remove water from inside the ear has greatly improved over the years, and Thrifty White Health Essentials carries a great assortment of swimmer's ear protection and after swim drops to keep your ears dry and healthy. From top brands like Auro-Dri and Sunmark, these swimmer's eardrops and products are the highest quality and are available at Thrifty White Health Essentials's competitive low prices.