Dry Mouth Relief


Maintaining optimal oral health can be a challenge. Thrifty White Health Essentials has everything your pharmacy or personal medicine cabinet needs to keep your gums, teeth, and tongue healthy. If you experience dry mouth, choose from our sprays, gum, and lozenges for dry mouth relief immediately. Biotene dry mouth gum boosts natural saliva production. Use Biotene gum between brushings. This product is perfect for on-the-go breath freshening. Eliminate odor-causing bacteria while increasing saliva. Our gum comes in regular and sugar-free mint flavors. Our moisturizing mouth sprays reduce dry mouth on contact. Thrifty White Health Essentials offers Oasis, Biotene and Mouth Kote, the top brands in dry mouth relief. Oasis’ sugar and alcohol-free spray offers Tri-Hydra technology to freshen your breath and moisten your mouth. Our Biotene oral balance and moisturizing sprays provide instant comfort. If you wear dentures, dry mouth can be exceptionally uncomfortable. Apply Biotene before inserting your dentures for maximum relief. Orajel is designed to eliminate dryness caused by medications, diabetes, depression, stress, radiation therapies, Sjogren's syndrome and vitamin deficiencies. Enjoy this long-lasting gel to soothe and protect your gums. Shop our large collection below to find a treatment for dry mouth that works for you. Spend $49 on the entire site and get free shipping!