Whether you need a walker to aid in surgical recovery or rehabilitation from an injury, Thrifty White Health Essentials has a fabulously affordable selection to choose from. We have canes and walkers, ranging from a simple adjustable walking cane to the traditional gliding walker and medical walkers with wheels. Depending on your needs, our selection offers rolling walkers as well as folding ones.

Seniors value their independence, but caregivers and adult children often worry about slips and falls. Using a walker helps with stability as well as balance. A walker can give some confidence back to the elderly since it allows them to still complete basic household chores.

Thrifty White Health Essentials even offers walkers that come equipped with a basket that is great for quick shopping trips or running errands. Some also have a built-in seat that lets the user sit down to take a rest.  In addition to our selection of walkers, we also sell accessories like glide caps and baskets. If you opt for a traditional walker, baskets are sold separately and are an easy addition.  Shop Thrifty White Health Essentials for all your health and medical needs. We offer free shipping on orders of more than $49.