Feeding & Nursing


Help get your little one off to the best start possible with these trusted feeding and nursing products sold online by brands like Playtex, Similac, PediaSure and more. You know that babies’ formative years require the right amount of daily nutrients to help them grow and develop at their best, which is why we offer a vast assortment of baby formula and nutritional drinks for infants, babies, and toddlers. In addition, our selection of affordable baby bottles, nipples and nursing pads will help keep your budget in line while offering the best child care products for your baby. Stock up on baby nursing and feeding essentials at Thrifty White Health Essentials and get free shipping.

Our selection of baby formula includes nutrient-rich infant formula powder by Similac and Enfamil. Baby formula with DHA and AA, two beneficial components found in natural breast milk, including Enfamil Premium LIPIL Formula, helps with development of the visual and central nervous system. Specialized formulas, such as Similac Sensitive, help babies prone to fussiness and gas with more gentle digestion; plus Nutramigen LIPIL Baby Formula, a hypoallergenic infant formula made for babies who are allergic to cow’s milk, will help ensure that your little one gets all the nutrients needed without irritating side effects.

Shop our selection of EvenFlo and Playtex baby bottles, nipples and more for safe and sanitary feeding. We offer a convenient three-pack of EvenFlo Clear Bottles that come complete with a nipple, cap, and ring. These unbreakable, boilable baby bottles hold 8 ounces of liquid and feature brightly colored caps to make feeding time fun. Playtex training cups are a great way to help teach your toddler to drink independently, with playful designs, spill-proof caps and easy-to-sip straws on each toddler sipper. Make the first few years of your baby's life easier and more fun by shopping for the best child care products here.