Denture Care


Have your dentures ever chattered during conversation due to ineffective adhesive or gum recession? Slippage can be embarrassing and awkward, especially if all eyes are on you. We have trays and adhesives to fit your need. Denture cream was once messy and unpleasant in taste. Now, our adhesive brands provide a taste that won’t interfere with your food or drink. These adhesives won’t spill over the edges of your dentures. Instead, their lasting grip will keep you comfortable all day. Next time you yawn, don’t worry about your dentures making an uninvited appearance. Apply long-lasting denture adhesive gel or trays for a perfect seal. At night, use our denture cleaning products, including cleanser tablets and brushes to clean your set. Our tablets do all of the work for you. Simply add to water and watch your dentures sparkle. We have whitening, fast-acting and smokers specialty cleansers to protect your smile. Get ready for your close-up with Thrifty White Health Essentials’s growing denture care selection.