Urinary Pain


Urinary tract infections (UTI) are uncomfortable and often characterized by pain, burning, and frequent urination. For fast relief of your worst urinary tract infection symptoms, you need an OTC for UTI pain relief. shop.thriftywhite.com offers many options of effective urinary pain relief products to choose from including natural and extra strength formulas.

Many of our remedies for UTI pain include cranberry extracts. Cranberry is a natural way to improve UTI symptoms and overall urinary health. It is safe, effective, and affordable. Our UTI home treatment products are priced aggressively, so you can always afford to treat your UTI symptoms.

In addition to treatments, we also offer home testing kits. Our AZO test strips give accurate results in as little as 2 minutes. They come in a 3-pack box, so you can re-test after treatment to confirm that the infection is gone. The tests are easy to use and work with mid-stream urine. They may be stored at room temperature. Our home test strips are affordable and are a great way to confirm an infection before taking time off to see a doctor.

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