If your baby or infant exhibits signs of lethargy or seems under the weather, the first step would be to take her temperature with a thermometer for kids. Placing your palm on her forehead may not give you the best results as a warm forehead may not necessarily indicate a fever. Parents should have a thermometer for use on children in the home. The thermometers of today have evolved from the old glass mercury thermometers that many parents are familiar with to thermometers that can take the temperature via the ear and oral digital thermometers that do not contain mercury. There are also incredibly advanced temple thermometers.

Thrifty White Health Essentials has many types of baby care thermometers for parents to choose from. Ear thermometers are great because some children, particularly when they are sick, will balk at keeping an oral thermometer in their mouth long enough to get a temperate reading. Digital ear thermometers are less intrusive and the results are provided quickly. Results also come in fast when using an oral digital thermometer versus the old mercury thermometers. The bottom line is that a good thermometer is essential for getting an accurate temperature reading, allowing for parents to treat the malady accordingly.