Gloves & Masks


Thrifty White Health Essentials offers a varied assortment of first aid gloves in our health and medicine department. First aid gloves are available in top-selling brands like Cara and CareMates. Our gloves also come in cotton, latex, or vinyl.

First aid gloves have a variety of uses. The most common one is for disposable latex gloves. They come in handy in first aid kits when you are caring for minor injuries since the gloves are sterile. Latex gloves work well for household uses such as dishwashing and cleaning too. For dry skin sufferers, the latex gloves help to reduce the negative effects of water exposure on the hands.

Products such as the Cara 100 percent Dermatological Cotton Gloves allow hand creams and medicated ointments to absorb into the skin without staining garments or rubbing off before they can be effective. Arthritis and therapeutic gloves can lessen the discomfort of hand pain. If you have latex allergies, we have cotton or vinyl gloves to fit your needs.

CareMates also makes affordable first aid masks, and we also have a number of other high-quality respirator masks at low prices. The most popular style is the ear-loop mask. Whether you need to filter out dust, bacteria, or pollen, these masks can do the job.