Pain Patches


thermacare.jpgWhether you have a chronic condition or have suffered a minor injury, when pain strikes your only concern is finding a way to stop it quickly. Patches for pain relief offer a fast and convenient way to alleviate pain on virtually any part of the body. The self-adhesive patches stay firmly in place, delivering pain relief where you need it the most.

In terms of over the counter pain relief, a transdermal pain patch is one of the best choices on the market. The OTC pain patches are available in a variety of shapes and brands, so you can choose the type of relief that works best for you. Choose powerful Salonpas Patches or enjoy the dual-action relief of an Icy Hot patch. Topical pain relief patches can be used for both joint and muscle pains.

One of the advantages of an adhesive patch is that it can be used in hard to reach places. Instead of straining to keep a heating pad in place, a patch stays in place with ease. Some patches are specially designed for use on specific parts of the body. Heat patches for back pain may be larger, while a knee patch may be smaller. There are even special patches for sciatic pain relief. Wherever your pain is, pain relief patches can help you overcome your injury to lead a more active life.