Bed Accessories


Caring for the elderly or an infirmed person can be extremely trying. Thrifty White Health Essentials help make the process easier for caregivers by providing affordable products and medical bed accessories. Our accessories also improve the comfort of patients who may be bed-ridden.

An eggshell mattress pad adds an additional foam cushion to the bed. It’s an inexpensive option that can provide a world of difference for a person who spends a majority of their day in bed. How about a pillow that is both comfortable and cool? What a simple and effective way to soothe a migraine or treat a fever.

Thrifty White Health Essentials allow you to shop for home health products from the convenience of your home. We understand that caregivers do not have a lot of extra time to shop around for the affordable medical bed accessories and products they need. That’s why we provide everyday low prices and offer free shipping on orders of more than $49.