For Her


Staying cool and comfortable is easy with these women’s antiperspirants and female deodorants from Thrifty White Health Essentials. Our selection includes trusted name brands with formulas that fight odor and keep you dry. Your confidence will get a boost when you know you’re protected by deodorants and strong antiperspirants that last all day long. Whether you’re going to work, to the gym or just spending time at home, you’ll get the protection you need to stay dry and odor-free.

The large variety of trusted name brands, including Degree, Dove, Ban, and Secret, ensures that you can get your go-to brand every time. Meanwhile, you’ll have your choice of invisible solids, roll-on gels, and aerosol sprays for the application you prefer. And of course there are dozens of feminine scents from which to choose, ranging from powder fresh and shower fresh to unscented styles.

For those who need extra protection from underarm wetness and odor, consider choosing a antiperspirant and deodorant combination. We also carry clinical formulas that are available without a prescription. These stronger products are formulated to keep you feeling dry and odor-free all day long.

Whatever your needs, we have you covered at Thrifty White Health Essentials. Our huge selection of the best deodorants for women ensures that you can find just about any drugstore item, which means no more worrying about what’s in stock at your local store. Plus, you’ll get great savings on all your favorite health and beauty products without ever having to leave home. We even offer free shipping on orders more than $49, so you can get everything you need without having to pay extra for ordering online. For all your antiperspirant and deodorant needs along with your favorite drugstore finds, shop at Thrifty White Health Essentials.