Rubs & Ointments


novarnica.jpgPain ointments and rubs are topical treatments for pain, cuts, boils, congestion and other common ailments. The products are designed for external use and deliver fast, targeted relief. offers a huge variety of topical rubs and ointments to choose from so you can always have the right treatments on hand. Pain relief cream and pain relief gel are two of the most common topical rubs and ointments. Pain relief creams and ointments are great for neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, muscle pain and more - essentially any type of joint pain cream can provide relief. The treatments can be placed exactly where the pain is felt for instant relief. Our topical pain relief products come in a variety of forms including heating or cooling formulas, which ensures that you'll get the right type of pain relief for your needs.

In addition to pain relief, antibacterial creams are also widely used. They keep cuts and scrapes clean during the healing process, which speeds recovery and lessens the chance of a scar. Neosporin pain relief ream combines their trademark antibiotic cream with fast-acting pain relief for a two-step approach to first aid.