Flossing & Interdental


We all remember our halfhearted promise to our dentists. Yes, we will begin to floss twice daily. Have you made this promise every six months, only to discover that flossing just isn’t part of your morning and bedtime routines? Recent advancements have made flossing easier than ever. Brands like Oral-B and Crest offer the innovative Glide floss, which utilizes a flat strip of shred-resistant material that slides between teeth without pain. If you prefer traditional waxed dental floss, we have the brands you love. Our disposable gum and tooth floss picks make this dental hygiene process even easier. Each pick has a pre-measured amount of floss secured tightly to reach into the nooks and crannies of your teeth. Reaching your molars has never been this comfortable. Floss picks allow for one-handed flossing so you can multitask while getting ready. Adults and children love our fresh floss flavors. Start and end your day with a clean and plaque-free mouth. You and your dentist will see the pearly white difference at your next visit.