Medicine Dispensers


Using a liquid medicine dispenser takes the confusion out of providing the right dose for your child. If you have infants or little ones in the house, a medicine dispenser is a must. Thrifty White Health Essentials offers parents and caregivers several affordable options such as dosage droppers or covered spoons. The medicine dispensers are easy to read and take the confusion out of what is a teaspoon.

Many children can be especially difficult when taking medicine. Using a medicine dispenser is a great option for getting them the medicine the doctor prescribed. Adding these to your home health care supplies will make everyone's lives much more enjoyable during medication administration.

Have difficulty swallowing pills? Many people do. Using a medicine dispenser or a dosage cup for over-the-counter liquid medicines solves the problem. Browse our selection of affordable medical dispensers to find the right one for your family. They are an essential part of any household.