Our Simple Guide to Baby-Proofing Your Home

One of the biggest jobs you have when you bring a baby home is keeping him or her safe. It can feel like a big task! The world is filled with sharp edges and dangerous objects that babies just can't seem to wait to get their hands on. Thankfully, The Online Drugstore is here to help with a great selection of child safety products that will help you baby-proof your home and put your mind at ease (well, at least a little bit!). Here are three products that are essential for the task of baby proofing, all available in our online store and with free shipping when you spend $49 or more on your order. 

3 Essential Items for Baby Proofing Your Home

Outlet Shock Guards

Whose idea was it to put electrical outlet right at baby's eye level? Uncovered outlets are enough to send your heart racing once your baby becomes mobile. Electrical outlets provide an all-too-tempting opportunity for exploration for the smallest members of your household. Babies can be seriously hurt if they stick their fingers or other objects into the holes of an electrical outlet, so it's vital that you keep them unused outlets covered. Fortunately, this is an easy task. Pick up a pack of Baby King Shock Safety Guards. These packs come with twelve outlet covers that simply slide into the outlet and prevent anything from being poked inside. When you need to use the outlet, adults will be able to quickly remove the cover and plug in their devices. The durable plastic material allows you to replace and remove the covers over and over again for years to come, providing safety well into the toddler years and beyond. 

Cabinets Locks

Cabinets are great for keeping your stuff stashed away. But what's inside those cabinets isn't always good for your baby. That's why you need to ensure that babies and toddlers can't get into cabinets there dangerous and hazardous materials are being stored. Cabinets where cleaning products and alcohol are stored especially important to lock up; the bright colors and designs of the packaging can be tempting to children but extremely dangerous to them if ingested. This is where cabinet locks can help. These locks are designed to fit around the handles of your cabinets, preventing the doors from being pulled open. Adults will still be able to access the cabinets by squeezing and removing the locking mechanism, which is then simply replaced when they are finished. You can pick up a Baby King Cabinet Lock on our website, which also comes with a bonus of four shock guards. 

Door Knob Covers

Some rooms are made for baby. You will probably end up baby proofing your living room as well as baby's room, and maybe a few other areas of your home where you and baby will be spending a lot of time. But there is a good chance that you don't want your small children to have access to every room of your home all of the time. That's why we sell Grip 'n' Twist Door Knob Covers from Safety First. These door knob covers prevent door knobs from being turned by little hands, keeping the door safely closed. When an adult needs access to the room, they simply grip the two sides of the door knob cover and squeeze them together, holding firmly to the door knob underneath and turning to open. This can prevent accidentally escapes as well as keeping children out of rooms where you don't want them to explore. 

More Quick Baby Proofing Tips

  • Your home isn't the only one that should have the right child safety products. Any home where you and your baby spend a lot of time should have the basics covered, including door knob covers, shock guards, and cabinet locks. Don't put the burden of purchasing those items on your friends and family, though; our baby care shop is stocked with the products you need at great prices so you can afford to get them for all the homes you love to visit. 
  • Re-evaluate your baby proofing needs periodically. When you first bring baby home, there is very little that he or she can get into. That changes when they start to crawl and even more so when they are walking. Make sure that you take the time to re-evaluate your baby proofing needs with each major developmental milestone. 
  • Inspect baby proofing items. While most child safety products are made from durable plastics, they aren't impossible to break. Broken items should be replaced immediately as their integrity will be compromised and they might not provide your child with the safety that you need. Most products are inexpensive and can prevent a lot of pain and heartache in the long run. 
  • Start baby proofing your home early. While you might think you have months to wait before you need to cover those outlets (and you probably do!), that time is going to go quickly. The best time to start installing your child safety products is before your child even comes home. That gives you a chance to get it all done, but more importantly, gives the adults in your home time to get used to having the products in place. 

Stock Up in Our Baby Care Store Online

Whatever you need to make your home safer for your family, you are sure to find it in The Online Drugstore. Our baby and children section is filled with the gear you need to keep your children safe and happy throughout their childhood, from medicine to toys to crafts to safety gear and so much more. Place an order for the child safety products that you need and we'll get them out to you as soon as possible. If you spend $49 or more on your order, we'll include the shipping for free. Shop The Online Drugstore today for great prices on all of your baby proofing items! You'll love our prices and selection so much that we're sure to become your go-to source for all of your household needs.

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