Put Together An Affordable, Fresh Spring Look With These Products

During the winter months, our makeup often reflects the dreary and gloomy weather. We tend toward darker eyeshadows and lipsticks, as well as a heavier hand with eyeliners and lip lines. However, as the winter melts away and spring starts to bloom, it is time to stow away the sweaters, the smoky eyeshadows, and the dark glosses.

This spring, focus on a lighter and fresher approach to your daily makeup regimen. When you shop our online beauty products, you can find a new look that will brighten your style without breaking the bank. Below we have put together a fresh spring look utilizing affordable beauty supplies that you can purchase through our online store. For under 35 dollars, you can completely revamp your makeup for the warmer days ahead.

Start With A Light Primer

The first place to begin when applying your spring look is with a light primer by Wet’N Wild. The goal when creating a fresh and sunny style is to keep things bright and light. Avoid heavy makeups that will detract from your natural beauty.

Starting with a light primer will ensure that your makeup stays in place throughout the whole day. This prevents you from needing to reapply constantly, which keeps your look fresh. The idea for a spring look is to appear natural, rather than caking on a lot of makeup.

Apply Foundation

Once you have your primer in place, you can apply a foundation that is soft and warm. Again, you don’t want to overdo it with the amount of foundation you utilize. Your foundation will act as the base for the rest of your makeup, so apply across your entire face.

This liquid foundation by Wet’N Wild is a great choice as it is easy to blend. You can quickly apply over your primer for a light and natural look.

Add A Touch Of Color

When you think of spring, what comes to mind? For most of us, we envision bright flowers in bloom, the colors of Easter, and sunny days. All the colors of spring are part of the reason that this season is so much fun. Make sure that you translate that bright spirit into your makeup style.

Honeybee Gardens has designed an excellent mineral powder that is multi-faceted in its use. This bright and natural powder will catch the glimmer of the sun and add a subtle but stunning pop of color to your makeup. Utilize lightly as a blush or implement as your eyeshadow. This is a must-have product as you can continue to utilize it in different ways each day.

Finish With A Light Powder

Once your foundation, blush, and eyeshadow are in place, it is time to finish with a light powder. This finishing powder by Covergirl is a great way to keep your makeup firmly in place throughout the day. In a similar fashion to your primer, a finishing powder prevents the need for constant reapplication of your makeup. This helps to retain a far more natural and fresh look throughout a long day.

Make Your Eyes Shine

After you finish your foundation and powders, it is time to apply a little bit of mascara to help make your eyes shine. Spring is all about capturing fun and lightheartedness. Almay’s one coat mascara will thicken your lashes and draw attention to one of the brightest features you have — your eyes! Make them shine and sparkle in the spring sunlight by framing them with playfully long lashes.

Complete The Look With Spring Lips

With your makeup in place and your mascara brightening your eyes, it is time for the final touch — a bit of color for your lips. A wonderful spring lip gloss is MegaSlicks by Wet’N Wild. This light pink gloss will add the perfect amount of color to your lips without darkening your look. The gorgeous hue will bring to mind spring flowers and airy cotton candy. Throw the small tube into your purse so you can reapply as needed throughout the day.

Shop For Affordable Makeup Through Our Online Store

With winter falling behind us, it is time to revamp your makeup. Put away the dark eyeshadows and heavy lipsticks and purchase fresh products for the warm days ahead. The good news is that when you shop for beauty supplies through our online store, you don’t have to break the bank. We offer trusted brands at excellent prices, which means you can swap out old makeup for new anytime. All the products mentioned above are extremely affordable and can be utilized to mix and match a new look.

As a bonus, be sure to check out a few of the following products as well. Purchase to create a complete makeup set for the spring months ahead. Get creative and enjoy letting the colors of spring inspire your look.

Shop for online beauty products today and don’t forget to also pair your new makeup with the right facial washes and moisturizing products. The key is to keep your skin dewy fresh throughout the warm spring days ahead.

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